Two Aussie idiots try to figure out a better way to be creative and stay busy in the showbiz industry.

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S1. Intermission

After working hard (or hardly working?) in Series 1 - The Dream, the boys take a break to reset their funny bone and catch up on the latest creative philosophies...
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Ep05. Exposed Failures (S1. The Dream)

What do cowboy hats, sleep-walking and feeling like a failure have in common? They all appear in this ridiculous series finale!
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Ep04. Reverse Engineer (S1. The Dream)

Wedding fails and missed Tony awards lead the conversation to an upside down concept where you live life forwards but plan it backwards.
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Ep03. Stay Late (S1. The Dream)

Cazz and Shaun botch up another intro, address the personality of the performing arts industry and resolve to believing there is a better way to become better.
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Ep02. Long Drive (S1. The Dream)

Shaun (now called 'Shauny') forgets to press record and Cazz asks him if he would drive across Australia to be reunited with his hypothetical twin brother - and why.
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Ep01. Dead Donkey (S1. The Dream)

Shaun and Cazz kick off their first episode ever by questioning the motivations of a hungry and thirsty donkey.
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